Session 13: Intro to Awareness of Awareness

B. Alan Wallace, 18 Nov 2010

Hello All you Lovelies out in Computerland or iPodland, This morning’s meditation technique is Awareness of Awareness. Padmasambhava, in his book Natural Liberation, calls this meditation technique the cultivation of ‘Shamatha without a sign’. Then, Alan went into some of the history of how different scientific disciplines have thought about the mind according to how their discipline measures things. Each one has a specialized language. He gave instructions on how to do the meditation of Awareness of Awareness and I will refer you to his books ‘The Attention Revolution’ and ‘Genuine Happiness’ for details. Alan believes in radical empiricism. Let experience lead you to the theory. This is what Padmasambhava is saying when he gave us the meditational technique of Awareness of Awareness. Darlene

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