Session 14: Intro to Empathetic Joy

B. Alan Wallace, 18 Nov 2010

This afternoon Alan started giving a brilliant lecture about the third of the Four Immeasurables, empathetic joy, which means taking delight from other’s joys, fortunes and virtues. He addressed that nowadays more than ever we should practice on this immeasurable, knowing that around 90% of the news we read on the web are bad news and recalling one of his favorite phrases from William James: “At the moment what we are attending to is reality”, then we should focus and take delight from all the bandwidth of people having joys, fortune and those, independent of beliefs or religions, who are devoting their lives bringing happiness to others. We continued with a marvelous meditation, practicing the above, and finally ended with Q&A, one of them regarding to the practice of Shamatha settling the mind in its natural state, two questions about the practice of awareness of awareness and one last question about Buddha Nature. Enjoy it!!

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