Session 37: Awareness of Awareness and Alan’s Wrath toward the Neurocentric View

B. Alan Wallace, 18 Nov 2010

Good Morning to All Human Beings, This is the third morning for Awareness of Awareness Shamatha Meditation. Alan was speaking like a wrathful deity this morning. He is wrathful about the way some scientists (as well as the journalists who report on scientific studies) use words to describe the functions of computers and the brain. They use language that would suggest that neurons and computers are “smart” and can “communicate” and “detect” things, but at the same time disempower human beings by telling them their minds are merely computers. He is calling for all of us who meditate to use introspection and examine our own experience when we are meditating. Alan says that we are each the scientist of our own mind. The lecture had so much value, pointing out what some of the implications are of this type of word usage in the scientific community. I suggest you listen to his lecture five times in order to get the full meaning. Thank you for being conscious. Darlene

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