Session 72: Settling the Mind and Applying No Antidotes

B. Alan Wallace, 19 Nov 2010

Good Morning to All Shamatha Minded Sentient Beings,
This morning Alan went into more detail on settling the mind in its natural state. He opened with a quote from Dujom Rinpoche. “Whatever comes up in the mind don’t apply any antidote.” ( while doing Settling the Mind in its Natural State). He also talked about having confidence in oneself and having a balanced mind. We reviewed the 5 Obscurations and the antidotes for them. And then, how being present, relaxation, and looseness are essential for a sense of well being during meditation. At the end, he cleared up an analogy he had told about the maras that he was concerned was misleading.
Alan’s closing is “Enjoy Your Day”!

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