Session 73: The Five Obscurations Applied in Education and a Practice in Compassion

B. Alan Wallace, 19 Nov 2010

Once more Alan gave us magnificent reflections about the 5 obscurations, which are responsible for the suffering of change. On this occasion he referred to these obscurations from a universal perspective imagining how it would be like to have an educational system where students could receive specific teachings supporting them in overcoming those obstacles. He pointed out that when we throw away the 5 obscurations then our inner resources can manifest. Alan continued with a meditation session and ended with Q&A. The first one regarding purification practices, and how can we know if we have purified. Then a question about the meaning of the colors of his shawl. And the last one about his impressions upon the realizations and achievements or lack of them of shamatha, vipashyana and so forth of Tulkus and Rinpoches.

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