12 Belief, Perspectives and the Second and Third Uncommon Preliminaries

B. Alan Wallace, 06 Aug 2015

Alan starts by addressing belief. It seems we might need a lot of belief before we can practise. He explains there are two approaches: 1. by way of the view 2. by way of mediation. We can therefore go into shamatha, vipashyana and Mahamudra using a secular approach with open-mindedness, investigating over time. From the experience of meditation one can then develop confidence and faith.

He explains that when one develops genuine faith in a Guru it is transformative, intimate, personal and there are blessings. Alan then gives an example comparing the preliminaries of the Sutrayana and Vajrayana, drawing on the different perspectives. He finally addresses the second and third uncommon preliminaries. The second requires that we view our Vajra siblings from the same perspective as we view the Guru. That is, we attend to their Buddha nature. The third requires us to regard all other sentient beings as kin, they having been our father and mother countless times. However, we view them from their own side and wish for them what they wish for themselves, complete freedom from suffering.

Silent Meditation begins at 24:25 and is not recorded.

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