B. Alan Wallace, 07 Aug 2015

The session starts with guided meditation on breathing. Begin with full body awareness, then awareness of the rise and fall of the breath at the abdomen and then move to the sensations at the nostrils. After the meditation, Alan discusses the advantages of each and when to choose which method.

Alan reads from the Spacious Path of Freedom starting at chapter 2 - The Stage of Generation. From the causal vehicle, you are practicing as a human being and you are seeking the causes to take you to enlightenment. With the resultant vehicle, you drop your anchor in Buddhahood itself. Must have a realization of emptiness and an intuitive sense of Buddha nature. Discussion of rigpa as abiding in the 4th time, transcending and pervading all three times. This path is taking the future into the now. The immediate present is the door to rigpa. Rigpa is hidden in plain sight, right where ordinary consciousness is. Instead of asking what can I do to achieve enlightenment, ask what can I stop doing that is preventing me from actualizing rigpa.

Alan discusses the importance of belief and faith and science as a faith based/ confidence based system. He ends with two quotes from William James - it shall be true for me.

The meditation starts at 0:20

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