B. Alan Wallace, 11 Aug 2015

Alan started with some comments about sadhana practice and how NOT to see the deity. He then invited everyone to let go of their preconceptions and approach it as play, and see what happens. He explained that there are various doors to dharma and while some people gravitate to devotional practice, others revel in the intellectual power of dharma, or love Shamata and still others just want to be of service.

The meditation is on Avalokitesvara, taken directly from the text on p.52.

Following the meditation session, Alan explained the meaning of the six syllable mantra, elaborating on the manifestation of the jewel in the lotus, which is our Buddha nature, always present, only to be unveiled.

Then he talked more about the different doors to dharma. For some fortunate people who have been under the direct guidance of great lamas, the Guru is the Buddha. Others are drawn to a deity, like Tara, or their door is just to go directly to Dharmakaya. In relation to this he mentioned two short texts which are both complete paths. And gave a sneak preview of the practice of crossing over and what unfolds.

Meditation starts at 8:25

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