29 Meditation on Objectless Openness of Self-illuminating Awareness

B. Alan Wallace, 17 Aug 2015

Alan begins with a brief summary to round off the last two weeks, highlighting the two pithy instructions in Dudjom Lingpa’s “The Sharp Vajra of Conscious Awareness Tantra” (excerpt in the Retreat Notes). These instructions are to examine the primary nature of mind being the “all-creating sovereign” and to examine its apparent properties being “objectless openness”.

Alan then discusses the three ways for individuals of differing capacities to enter the path as given by Dudjom Lingpa’s clear exposition in the three sentences of the following paragraph in the excerpt. Alan says our practice should be like “being still like a boulder in a stream” which goes counter to conventional living in the stream of modernity with its mania for activity. The more we prioritise cultivating the shift in viewing reality by following Dudjom Lingpa’s instructions, the more (ultimate) Reality rises up to meet us. This is the Dharma. Hence, practice Dharma!

The meditation is on objectless openness of self-illuminating Awareness.

The meditation starts at 19:21.

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