36 Awareness of Awareness, Paranormal Abilities and Posture

B. Alan Wallace, 20 Aug 2015

Alan begins the session with a guided meditation on Awareness of Awareness.

Following this he comments further on the passage by Tsuglak Trengwa on p.67. It is possible to gain sufficient single pointed attention while in the desire realm to shatter the underlying assumptions of classical physics, so that the world becomes fundamentally different to how it is normally viewed. Tsuglak Trengwa states that it is possible to gain this and paranormal abilities, by getting close to achieving Shamatha. Others claim Shamatha needs to be achieved. The text clearly points out though that Shamatha is not cultivated for the development of paranormal activities but as a basis for cultivating insight. Alan explains that ESP and paranormal abilities are the technology of Buddhism.

Today finding Lamas with such abilities is rare due to the disappearance of yogis doing this practice and the destruction of related scriptures in Tibet in 20th century. In addition, today, analytical meditation and devotional practices are more common than the practice of Shamatha. There are some who believe that paranormal abilities should be developed so that when the time is right they can be revealed to dispel delusion. Alan gives anecdotes of instances where paranormal displays have been witnessed.

He then addresses the section on posture starting on p.68. Alan points out that in general those described really refer to tummo (the practice of generating inner heat for gaining insight) which is a stage of completion practice. He then reassures us by quoting Buddhaghosa, the Vajra Essence (Dudjom Lingpa) and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, all of whom emphasise that the posture must be comfortable to the practitioner.

Meditation Starts at 0:18.

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