B. Alan Wallace, 04 Sep 2015

For Mahamudra and Dzogchen, the one important thing is to understand the nature of your mind. We have been following the yogic approach to understanding your mind. To be fully qualified, to gain benefit from the Vipashyana questions we have been asking you must have achieved shamatha. When resting in the substrate consciousness, these questions can be used to break right through to rigpa. You are asking questions from the eight extremes of conceptualization to break through to pristine awareness that transcends conceptualization.

The meditation has you invert your awareness on itself and see what you see. Do this for a short time, rest and then question again.

After the mediation Alan turns to the text (p. 99-101). Alan then provides an overview of the 4 Yogas of Mahamudra.

The meditation starts at 33:42

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