73 Taking Joy in the Past, Present and Future (Mudita)

B. Alan Wallace, 11 Sep 2015

That which has ceased, exists as a causally effective entity; the past continues to produce effects. Likewise the future is also causally effective; possibilities can affect the present. We can change our past by making a different measurement, by selectively attending to aspects of our past. In Vajrayana, we take the fruition as the path and change our perspective. From Rigpa, past, present and future all exist at the same time yet this does not imply predetermination. Let your past influence you in a way that gives you happiness. Anticipate and take joy in your own future as you envision it. Meditate on the kindness of everyone including those who present difficulties. To be a dharma practitioner, assimilate everything. What reality dishes up is not a choice, how we respond to it is a choice.

The meditation flows from the above as we remember the kindnesses in our past that brought us to this point. We recognize the kindness of those around us now and envision the future that brings us joy.

The meditation starts at 30:01

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