B. Alan Wallace, 18 Sep 2015

We start immediately with meditation. The meditation is mindfulness of breathing while viewing the body as a field of energy and breathing as fluctuations in the field. It ends with a brief period of non-meditation.

After meditation, Alan returns to the text (pg. 144 or 1838 on the Kindle). The text offers many ways of saying, stop doing anything. There is a play between observing your own mind and returning to not doing anything. If anger or any mental affliction comes up, don’t go to the referent of the affliction but observe the mental event itself. The meditation is what is left over when you are not distracted. Once you have identified pristine awareness, the method doesn’t change from there to enlightenment.

Alan continues into the Mahamudra chapter. First one experiences understanding, then experience, then realisation and finally confidence. The text discusses signs that the preliminary practices have given rise to fruit. This discussion encompasses the four thoughts that turn the mind, guru yoga, Vajrasattva practice and the mandala offering.

The meditation starts at: 0:18

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