Glen Svensson, 10 Apr 2020

Session 3: Breath (shavasana)

  1. Review
  2. Tools (mindfulness, introspection)
  3. Shavasana posture
  4. Meditation - breath (shavasana)
  5. Tips for the practice
  6. Q&A

    While doing a review of the past sessions, Glen stresses the importance of relaxing when distraction occurs, not “clamping down,” and reads a quote from The Attention Revolution. He states how for modern people with a lot of rumination, mindfulness of breathing is probably the best option.

Glen describes the differences between mindfulness and introspection. Mindfulness is continuously remembering and not forgetting the object of attention. Introspection is what monitors the quality of your mindfulness, the “repeated examination f the state of one’s body and mind.” Out of these two, mindfulness is principal.

Meditation starts at 29:20

After doing the meditation in the shavasana posture, Glen does the Q & A. He recommends doing the posture when one is highly agitated, and how it can be a useful transition to sleep.

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