Glen Svensson, 28 Apr 2020

Session 8: Observing thoughts

  1. Review
  2. Observing thoughts
  3. The actual practice
  4. Meditation - observing thoughts
  5. Tips for the practice
  6. Q&A

In this session we continue with the practice of observing the mind. For people who struggle with maintaining mindfulness towards their thoughts, they should simply relax, let thoughts be as they are, and observe them. By doing this long enough, they will become masters of their own mind.

Lerab Lingpa states how one must meditate on their guru’s oral instructions, as without them we will probably waste a lot of time. Glen also speaks about how one must search for both external and inner solitude. While external solitude can be hard to find, internal solitude can be even harder. Inner solitude is realized by abandoning the 8 mundane concerns. This does not mean that one must abandon worldly life, simply to let go of our attachment to them. The four revolutions in outlook are practices that help us abandon the 8 worldly concerns.

Meditation starts at 34:10

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