1 - Introduction to the retreat

B. Alan Wallace, 14 Jun 2019

Note: Apologies, most of this session comes out of our backup recorder since we had some issues with the main microphone.

Lama Alan begins by welcoming everyone and explaining how he received the transmission for these teachings himself, primarily from Gyatrul Rinpoche but also most recently from Garchen Rinpoche. He also comments on how some teachers may set restrictions and prerequisites on these teachings, while others may teach them more openly.

Lama then goes over some of the logistics for the retreat, as well as the approach that he’ll be following for sharing the teachings. He mentions that despite these being very high teachings, they should always be integrated into our daily lives. We’ll be covering the entire path to enlightenment in this retreat so Lama warns us to fasten our seatbelts.

Afterwards Lama Alan comments on the intended audience for these teachings and the importance of bodhicitta and a sense of urgency to achieve enlightenment.

Lama mentions that we’ll be covering all 4 Yogas (each one having 3 stages for a total of 12), as well as the 9 stages for achieving Shamatha. He gives a brief overview of the 4 Yogas and elaborates on the theme of sustainability within the context of our practice.

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