2 - Mahamudra in Sutrayana and Vajrayana

B. Alan Wallace, 15 Jun 2019

This morning Lama Alan introduces the practice of settling body, speech, and mind in their natural state.

After the meditation Lama Alan continues to comment on the practice and its benefits. This can be an excellent prelude to other practices and also help us with our everyday activities.

Lama also introduces the concept of seasoning the day and the importance of learning how to practice in the supine position. He also explains the differences between Mahamudra from the perspective of Sutrayana and Vajrayana.

Lama then comments on the 3 main elements to enter the path of Mahamudra: Shamatha, Vipashyana, and identifying pristine awareness. He further elaborates on the practice of Shamatha.

Finally he goes over the 4 revolutions in outlook (aka the 4 thoughts that turn the mind) as preliminaries to Mahamudra in the Sutrayana and viewing all sentient beings as family, seeing your Vajra siblings with pure vision, and viewing your Guru as a Buddha.


Shamatha: Settling body, speech, and mind in their natural state

Meditation starts at 8:38

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